Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sci Fi Con Preview in Pitchas!

This Friday, Saturday & Sunday is The Second Life Sci Fi Con! WITS has a booth of course but so do many other amazing Sci Fi Sims and Merchants....check out my sneak peek!

the comfiest console in the universe
By the way, did I mention how much we LOVE our Wits Booth! A fully functional stripped down Steampunk Voyager for folks to demo! It's the Bomb and so Friendly too! We will post the actual slurl be fair to the convention!
every lady should get her yearly screening
we just love our booth, really we do
Free massage with every Pro Console purchase...

I'll take the first watch.
getting a little r & r
sucker for an amusement park and there are 2 at the Con

Tris gave us each a quarter and said Get Lost!
Rowan taught summer school...
to the bad kids.
These are just some of our Booth neighbors!

Nice Gent Victor1st with the visiting riff raff!
Take Away in a FLASH...AH AH!
Live long and Icie.
Don't really want to know where they've hid the mini Tardis
Just the cutest Tardis placement ever.

Who left me with the com?
Jabba didn't want to let me leave.

Are you my Mama?


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