Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Mall News!!

You all know and love the Who Island Mall up in Vega Station with it's many shops aimed to entice Whovian and Sci Fi/Fantasy fans alike.  Our two newest vendors Ezarhorn and Pipa Novelli have shops on the Ground Floor right next to each other. You've had a chance to peruse and purchase at Temporal Anomalies, so now let me present our latest edition to the Mall's Main Level:

Novelli Systems!

Where a wide variety of Whovian inspired products for Tinies, Ponies and Micro Avis, can be had for tiny prices! You tiny avi needs to travel through time and space in search of waffles and sock monkeys, especially while your evil squirrel nemesis, Foamy is out causing mayhem! Have a little fun in a big way, take a look at her demos and be charmed. (and back track a few blog posts to see my own slightly modded Novelli console.:)

Just one of Pipa's Console....Bronie Dalek Tested and approved!
Click HERE to visit her shop and the other shops on Vega Station!

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