Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mixing it up on Who Island!

Just a quick announce that we have a new resident on Who may know him, you may love him, you may have checked your hair and make up in the reflection of his chrome dome....It's our own WITS collector: Angelus Lordhunter!

He has taken up the NW parcel recently vacated by our own darling, dewy eyed, Voyager Cyberstar who has relocated to his Summer Mansion in the Stars. And you shall now find NyxSpace due North of Stonehenge where the Tiny plot to overthrow the galaxy is being hatched.

Of course, our VoyToy will still be a forceful presence on the Island as chief breaker of  Beta Consoles. XD

Be gentle when you visit The Cove area. Enjoy some of that Land of Oz flavor amongst the palm trees and the ocean and the empties! Those found trespassing on NyxSpace North of course ...will be vaporized. ;)

 Angie Baby, Who Island Welcomes You or something...

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