Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free Extra SV Pro Coolness For Youz!

I do hope you are a member of our Who Island Group as recently one of our most xlnt builders, Rowan Thursday (hmmm, can Who Island survive two Thursdays....YESH!!) made a freebie for the Steampunk Voyager!

From out Group Notices....
"At Icie's request, since a number of people liked the idea I had of making the WITS Pro SteampunkVoyager's dome open-able- to see the stars outside (similar to the McGann effect) - I'm posting here the script-and-sound kit necessary to mod your Steampunk Voyager with the same effect.  Please enjoy- and congratulations *again* to Maltheus for his spectacularly beautiful build.  He inspires, we merely tweak and fiddle ;)" 

If you didn't get yours, then click on group tab and scroll down to the notice and click on the attachment ....Even more incentive to become a Who Island Group Member.

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