Wednesday, June 15, 2011


WITS Pro Demo Rezzer  DEMOS  are now fully flyable! (the only restrictions are owners settings and the exit.) Not your grandma's simulation, by crikey!

Have you tried the latest Pro Demo yet? If not here's a peek at the sartorially splendid, McGann TTC? *

The McGann Pro console  is based on the 8th Doctor's Tardis (1995 film) and comes complete

with HUD and copiable rezzer pad. Designed by Ashara and Gazz with the aid of Voyager.

This roomy ttc has a 40 x 40 footprint...comes with furniture rezzer system....

(700 prim count without furniture) and includes the McGann Police Box!

Plenty of room for annoying companions....

Just look at the balcony, bookcases, spiral staircase, garden wall and pastoral view,

As pretty as a picture and

more than worth the 1600L sticker price.
Pop over to the WITS STORE on Who Island and pick yours up today!  
*Eric Roberts as the Master, not included.

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