Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Newest Exteriors from WITS! Squeeee!!!!

hallo, hallo....it's just going beep beep beep...hallo hallo!

Summon your TARDIS the modern Brit way...style and substance for mere pence! AND it's got pink trim.
The latest CCU Module British Telephone Booth exterior is stylishly crafted by Rowan Thursday for the W.I.T.S. Pro System line. Blend seamlessly as you travel the length and breadth of Mother England. 

Ooh, So Sculptie!
W.I.T.S. is proud to announce a sculptie blue box! The 2005 TARDIS CCU Module is an exterior created by TheDoctor Xevion for the W.I.T.S. Pro System....it's just so touchable and low prim...and texturized...Woo Woo.....*stops stroking box now* : ) 

Won't you play with me?
You don't have to Lego of his hand as you travel though Time and Space saving the universe from Bad Bad Beans in the name of fish fingers and custard! An exterior like NO OTHER that puts a smile on your face! Made with LUV by Rowan.

Don't forget to flush!

Sometimes a Time Lord has gotta go, you know what I mean! Relax in the privacy of your own "facility" complete with teepee and  Katy Manning "reading material". Ahem....*Air Freshener Not Included! Designed by E. VanDouser to withstand the curry you had for lunch.

Cuddle up to that giant squid in this little number!

Ahoy! Ever land in the Vernian Sea and worry about taking on water? Never fear! WITS Diving Bell exterior can withstand the most Stygian of depths and deep space! And it will match your armor plating!! Capt. Nemo would be pleased! Crafted by Rowan Thursday, Steam Siren of the Deep.


Each is avail at The WITS Shop and the WI Rift rezzer  NOW!

AND for those who need an update!

From: Who Island, Gazz Otoole

All those that purchased the Dual form CCU will be receiving a new package shortly, this new package will contain two CCU installers, the normal grimgothik/Smith  CCU and an additional Smith/Grim CCU. The second installer will always land as the Smith exterior and can be transformed into the Grim Gothik. If you didn't receive yours....IM Gazz Otoole.

Stay tuned for more goodies coming from WITS!

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