Sunday, May 8, 2011

Arrrrhhh, Booty Shaken!

Avast there, Matey! The Maldovarium was over-run with scurvy sea dogs!

Flyin the colors proudly.

Finely Dressed Corsairs.

Dagger wielding Doxies.

Some were a wee bit PICKLED.

Black Bess Vane was walking the...pole.

Congrats to our lovely winner, Miss GiGi! 500L richer and dressed to slay!

Our dread Capn Avedon, scourge of the DJ Booth.

Everyone's much sought after, Cabin Boy Booty.
Pirate KITTY!!!

Icie's Bish.
Blast! pardon my hud in them photos....think of it as my black mark of shame! LOL

Hope you all enjoyed the Pirates episode in the spirit of the brethren of the coast! The ship will stay afloat on Who Island for a week or so, come often and sling the lead, Laddies...Whatever that means! Police Boxes in the hold welcome.

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