Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yep, another successful Podshock Event was held in Katrina yesterday and if you were there, you know was a rip roaring time was had by all a top of HOUSE.

Afterwards, many of you nightowls hoofed it over to The Maldevarium where our guest DJ: Goffy Unplugged..PLUGGED US IN to a ravolicious stream.

There was a contest, best in Androids/Cyber/Robotic BUT I wanted best in Doppleganger-Clone...Awh, next time. Here take a look at how the pretty people play: If you have any additional snaps on your own blog, send me a link or send me the jpgs to add.

Special FANX TO Mr. Avedon for taking the following snaps!

Our Special Guest Hoochie: Bubbles Nodsetta

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