Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Lookit the cool space junk on my trunk!
Everyone loves the sheer width and breadth of  The Habitat TTC and now due to popular demand, the latest console to get "Pro-ded" will be in the vendors soon, The Habitat Pro is in the Demo rezzer now for your viewing pleasure. If you own the habitat already, worry not-you will be getting your free upgrade to Pro soon.
Like corridors? The Habitat's got  miles and miles of em!

The spiral staircase leads to the hidden chamber beneath....why it's so roomy...
The entire Van Trapp Family could dance & sing in here... DOH a deer-a female deer!
Sheesh! It even has it's own libary.which is great cuz my copy of Burnham's Celestial Handbook has coffee rings on the cover!

Pop on over to the Demo Rezzer and try out all the Pro Line--but be forewarned. They are addictive!


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