Sunday, December 12, 2010


--to get your WITS CONSOLES, EXTERIORS and OTHER GOODIES at that discount we had for several months. I certainly hope not! But in case you did, Father Christmas has stepped in to make the season merrier.
Tomorrow on 12/13/10, Who Island Timeline Systems will begin the 12 TTCs of Christmas Sale!

One of our top of the line consoles will be discounted to half price each day until Christmas Day! Huzzah, do some cartwheels and start singing "Thank You Very Much" from the musical, Scrooge!

To start off the fun on 12/13/10 we will discount the TYPE 41.5!--a low prim classic for a mere 750L! Comes with a nifty blue box to materialize in at will!

Each day from the 13th on, we will announce a different TTC, so log in and read those Who Island Group notifications.....remember the Group Joiner is right next to the Mini Mania Board in front of the Main-store on Who Island! Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas in True Time Lord-Style!

On the first day of Christmas, WITS Folks made for me, a TARDIS from Gallifrey....

Happy Hartnell Christmas!

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