Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yep, Season Six's two-parter will be set in the U. S. of A.

 Smith and Gillan in NYC earlier this year. (Courtesy of the BBC)

I'm sure a many of you have already heard that the next series of Doctor Who, due for broadcast in the spring, will kick-off with a two-part story set in America. Our friends at Den Of Geek (Geeks are Kewl!) have been monitoring the sitch closely. For the latest buz, zclick the linkage.

More of the same at the BBC America Site...but it's always nice to visit that as well!  

In a nut shell, they will be filming in the UTAH dessert....well, where else can you find an alien civilization, eh?

But there are a lot of production/post studios here in L.A.....hmmmmmmnnn. Interesting.

The site that is most on top of the story at the moment isThe Gallifrey Newsbase take a look at what they dug up-no doubt out of a wastepaper basket under some PA's desk.

Utah Filming Dates Confirmed

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