Friday, November 19, 2010


One stop weaponry makes Leela jump for joy!
As well as the W.I.T.S. Main Store and the Dalekanium/Temporal Architects on Who Island, there are a great many vendors and stores in the W.I. Mall on Vega Station.
Check out the second floor for Avi's, Steam Chic, droids & more!
Currently in the Mall we have shops and affiliates from Novatech, HoO, Bloodlines, Timelord Tenn's, Vortex Systems, Tempest Inc., Got Combat? (or all your weapon system needs), Soup Kitchen,  The Golden Oriole, PsiNanna, Delacruz Technologies, R2 Droid, Doctor Who Adventures, DCL, Bad Wolf, Def Con 1, Oringe  & Doc's Men's Wear-Swank Brothers (for the well-dressed Renegade).
Sartorially Splendid, Timeless Togs, Geezer Glad-Rags --you be the judge!
If you are a merchant or reseller who would like to set up shop in our Space Station Mall, contact Tristan Avedon or a Who Island Staff Member. Space is limited!

Click here to visit the mall and buy Rose some clothes that fit!

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