Monday, November 22, 2010

Lennon Naked, Eccleston's Lennon Naked airs on PBS

America finally has gotten the chance to see Christopher Eccleston's appropriately accented & extremely tall take on John. In fact, I caught it last night on a local affiliate but if you are in the Los Angeles area you can see a double dose of Lennoness tonight on PBS's Masterpiece with not only Eccleston's portrayal but David Tennant's MCing for Masterpiece Contemporary. Following that is the much better documentary LennonNYC which I saw a screening of when it was being shopped around. The 2 together are a lovely bit of continuity and Hell, who doesn't want to watch Eccleston nakedly take on a role he relished, eh?



  1. Well, I think this shouldn't have a "Doctor Who" logo at the end of it. I think it's just a bit offensive to Christopher Eccleston's career as an actor. You can't just follow him around ALL THE TIME screaming "OH! Someone who played the 9th Doctor is doing something! Let's all watch because he was THE DOCTOR! LAWLZ!" I mean, just show the video because he's a great actor, looks like something CHRIS-FANS would be interested in, and NOT because he played the 9th Doctor.


  2. Ah, you mean the you tube clippage. Well, you know how people are...they'll stick a logo on any old thang.

  3. Trouble is PBS edited what they showed from what was on BBC. PBS won't be seeing any donations from me any time soon after doing that.

  4. Yes I noticed that so I went to the actual website where you can view what looks like an unedited version.....I mean the 4 letter words are intact at the very least.... you can prolly still catch it for the next few days. Of course the documentary which followed was terribly good (but not
    WHO related....but we considering it's John... :)

  5. Nah they edited the footage. I expected the 4 lettered words might be cut, but not the footage. I've seen the UK version and we're missing quite a bit.