Monday, November 29, 2010

Have You Been to Amy's Pond Yet????

Tis the season for brisk wind, snow flurries, ice on the road and jingling bells and so the golden cornfield on Who Island has made way for a frozen pond--Amy's Frozen Pond, that is! When next you are wandering round the Island, New New York or up in Vega Station and want a bit of cocoa and a fall on the ice, come on over to NyxSpace!
Have a cup of hot brew, grab some complimentary (white high-top skates LOL) and a giftee or two and enjoy the ambiance.  You can precision skate, have a snowball fight, do that silly snow angel thing and fight off marauding bands of tennoobs (pesky buggers). Don't forget to click the snowman's hat for a bit of cheer!
Bless you Roy Wood and your merry band of Glitter Elves!

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