Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Solo Hud and New Exteriors to Die For!!!!

The last week has been chock a block full of new releases from Who Island Timeline Systems. The most exciting item is the oh so practical SOLO HUD: the TTC that requires NO LAND! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! Yes, materialize and dematerialize to your hearts content, travel the metaverse in style in a Police Box or Exterior of your choice. The Solo comes with 5, count em, 5! exteriors: 2 Blue Boxes, a hobo style box, an ionic column and a nifty Tech! And it is user friendly, no messy bits and bobs....just a nice drop down menu. The random destination option is a hoot....but stop materializing in my bath! Grin.

Most every exterior that WITS makes will come in a solo version, so those who opt not to go the skybox route can still ride in style. AND remember folks..items in the main-store in New New York on Who Island are still discounted!

If this wasn't enough, the W.I.T.S. team brings you 3 new exteriors that are just...well how can I say this gingerly: FRICKING AMAZING! Each has a solo version as well! Check em out and try not to shout: SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ack ack ack, it's one of them flying saucers, call out the foo fighters! You have to see this one to believe it.
You'll never feel nerdy again stuffed in your own locker/time capsule, flanked by 2 plain clothes lockers to deface!
EVER FEEL LOST? I bet if you take the initiative and enter via the hatch, there will be Utopia right around the bend.
and let's not forget last weeks zen like beauty: The Oriental TTC--bonsai tree included!

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