Saturday, September 18, 2010

WITS PRICES: It's Astounding....

 But time AIN'T fleeting! Not too sure about "the madness takes it's toll" part, though! Wouldn't it be grand if in response to the economic down turn in-world and out that a maker of quality goods cared about their customers enough to LOWER their prices? Of course, it might just be easier to pop into a Time Warp and go back to days when the cost of living (it up) were far cheaper. You'd need a time machine for that wouldn't yah though? Hmmmm.....I think that can be arranged!

Many old and new customers had the opportunity to cash in on the recent sale event, but there were also many who wished to, but couldn't take advantage of it due to limited funds. The WITS folks understand how long it can take to stock those lindens in your account and how far they may have to stretch nowadays and so in response are cutting their prices 25% (until further notice).

UH, what was that "thunk noise"? Did I just hear GAZZ faint dead away, or is that just Ashara dropping a TTC  on his head?

Regardless, the new (time warp) pricing starts Saturday 9/18/10!
Prices on Who Island Only (in the W.I.T.S. Main-store and the demo rezzer vendor,  SO COME ON OVER.

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