Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another perfect day in Paradox!

I was wandering around space and time the other day and dropped in on our good friends Doctor Bernard and Babob Riler on Paradox Island. (Actually, I was looking for a nice pair of doxies and was lured in by the "sweet" sound of Babob's laughter.) When I'm in the mood for a bit of RP outside of New New York,  I like to take a little per-ambulatory stroll in Paradox. Check it out if you haven't already!
Hey, remember that part where Cthulhu rose up out of the depths of the atrium pool in the Pompeii episode,relive it on Paradox Island!
 In a related note, when I want up to date Whovian news I get the low down at The Tardis Newsroom. Thanks to Doctor B. for keeping us up to date! In fact, he's got a nifty review up of the Nintendo game. So, check it out!

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