Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Day WITS Sale was quite the RUSH!

The Who Island Timeline Systems staff would like to thank all of their new and returning customers for taking advantage of last weeks Back To School Sale! Enjoy all the goodies. : ) The talented WITS designers and scripters are busy whipping up even more delectable and affordable TTCs, Police Boxes and gadgets. As for your feedback and inquiries regarding future sales events--well, time will tell--so stay tuned! ; >

Now, I always assume that blog readers are members of the Who Island Group. But if you are not, that's the place to hear  WITS news first and foremost including sales, specials and new products. It's also a good place to ask any tech support questions in a pinch. So if you have a slot open, stop by the Island and click the Group Joiner Board or do a group search for the Who Island Group.

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