Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello Sweeties!

Tis Nyx, resident Who Island Bag--I mean--Time Lady, sworn to keep you abreast of the very latest happenings in New New York and up to date on the absolutely brilliant products that Who Island Timeline Systems has to unleash on an unsuspecting multiverse.

But first, for those who have stumbled here via a hiccup in the Space Time Continuum here's the skinny on what and WHO we're all about.

New New York is the place for Doctor Who and Sci-Fi Fans to socialize and role play.

Our recently redesigned sim features Who themed RP areas straight out of your favorite episodes (Amy's Yard, The Angels' Cave, Mood Alley, etc.), TARDIS parking for group members, a stargate & transmats for ease of travel (or that quick get away), W.I.T.S. main-store and N.L.S. store for your shopping pleasure, the HUB for those without land to house their Podium Console* at a nominal fee, freebies!, 7-Seas Fishing in the harbor, relaxing in Central Park, dancing in the square, special Whovian events, and much much more.

We are a mature sim, yet our mutual LUST of all things Dr. Who makes for a spirited place to live and play. Set coordinates and join in the fun!


In World Reminder: The TLoG group in SL is no longer being used to communicate info about Who Island and New New York. Please join our new WHO ISLAND group. TARDIS parkers you need to join as well! secondlife:///app/group/c4a1dff7-29bf-fd8e-c149-44ff2b51f7ad/about

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact any of the W.I. Council or Staff members or I.M. me in-world.

See Yah in the Soup Kitchen,
Nyx Malaspina ;>

PS: A bit of teasing from W.I.T.S.

Who's this E.V.A. lass, when she's at home?

Evaluation Vehicle Apparatus.
A free console room, fully featured
Available soon in Who Island
Watch for the announcement!

* The Podium System is avail in the W.I.T.S. Main-store.

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