Monday, July 19, 2010

Habitaba-Do! W.I.T.S. Habitat Console

So, you like your space. Those wide open maze like corridors and hidden rooms appeal to your hardcore, Sci Fi sensibilities.When the 4th Doctor took that long stroll inside the TARDIS, you got all tingly inside (well, keep that to yourself!). Regardless, if you like things big, authentic and lowish in prim, then nothing beats the roomy  Habitat.

Hidden rooms-spacious enough for several giant bunnies!

Customer top recommended, fully featured BIGGUN, ready for you to decorate, customize, open a roller disco and roleplay old school style. If you've got the spare room, the habitat's got the spare rooms and still only 274 prims. Comes with a traditional, yet stylish, Smith TTC (see below.)

Customers may of course purchase the classic Smith PB on it's own. It's so dang cute-how can yah resist it!

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